Specialising In Single-Phase & Three-Phase Electrical Distribution 

We specialise in single-phase and three-phase electrical installations. Single-phase power supplies are best used to generate electricity for residential homes. Three-phase electrical installations on the other hand are ideal for large commercial buildings, industrial premises and data centres. 

Repairs, Installations & Schematic Layout Designs For

  • Domestic Properties

  • Commercial Premises

  • Industrial Establishments

Intelligent Lighting Systems

This advanced technology uses an app or smart home assistant connected to your home’s lighting system so that you can automate your lights and eliminate the need for traditional wall switches. 



Rewiring is a service generally offered to old buildings. This process is designed to distribute power more evenly by using specialised wiring systems and modern technology to prevent short circuits, overloads and electrical faults.



We offer electrical installations to commercial and residential buildings. At JT Installations Limited we present our customers with hall porter and intercom provisions, installations and wiring ideal for apartments and multi-storey buildings. 



We present our customers with a selection of alterations on a range of electrical systems using engineer-approved designs. Through this process, we can also identify faults and provide customers with troubleshooting solutions.



We offer a range of repairs and upgrades on electrical systems that include maintenance solutions, checking, troubleshooting and fault identification solutions for domestic homes, commercial properties and industrial premises.