Mechanical Solutions 

We present our clients with a range of solutions that combine engineering physics and material science principles to design, analyse and manufacture a range of custom-built dynamic mechanical systems.

Custom HVAC Systems

We at JT Installations Limited specialise in custom HVAC multi-split system design, fabrication and layout solutions designed to enhance airflow and generate larger flow rates using multi-unit systems. This service is ideal for industrial and commercial buildings, however, it can also be applied to residential homes. 

Galvanised Cable Trays 

These trays are suitable to provide heavy cables with added protection against damage and sagging. We can present you with custom-created galvanised cable trays in a variety of dimensions and lengths. 

Jet Pumps

These above-ground pumps are used to draw water from a well using a suction system

Pool Systems

These hydraulic pumps convert energy into movement to push water through a rotating impeller

Heat Pumps

These pumps are used to transfer heat energy into the ear using condenser coils and fans


Pneumatic compressors are commonly used to provide power to pneumatic tools mechanically

Centrifugal Pumps

These pumps use energy to move fluid and generate velocity using suction nozzles and impellers