Specialising In PPR Piping Installations

The works that we carry out are done using hollow or tubular cylinder PPR piping systems that allow slurries, gases and liquids to travel through them smoothly and efficiently. 

Pump Installations

Centrifugal pumps are driven by a belt connected to an engine designed to circulate fluid. Ideal for wells, sewage systems and circulate the water supply in residential homes.

Plumbing Systems

We can present you with the design, planning and creation of plumbing systems in homes, industrial buildings and large premises. This service is ideal to create plumbing systems from scratch.

Water Heaters

Through our water heater installation services, we are able to install wiring, piping, anode rods, gas lines and other heating elements needed to install a water heater within a residential home. 

Thermal Camera Inspections

We provide thermal imaging inspection services designed to find and fix any damage in your drainage systems.

Airconditioning and Refrigeration

We provide a range of airconditioning and refrigeration services including repairs and installations.